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Remote computer support or “online” support allows our highly trained computer technicians to access your computer safely and securely through the internet no matter where you are based in the world. All you need is a working internet connection and your authorisation for us to access your desktop so that our technicians can begin work. This method of computer support is far superior to the traditional telephone computer support service, which required you as the customer to do all the work while someone on the other end of the line told you what to do! With remote computer support you can sit back and relax (and even watch) while our technicians do all the work for you.

Of course if for some reason we cannot connect remotely to your computer, we always have traditional telephone support to fall back on.

Is remote computer support safe?

Our technicians can only connect to your desktop when you authorise them to.

Once connected they need to install a remote access program that will let them reconnect to your computer after reboots (this is required during most support calls). Once your issue is resolved the technician completely uninstalls the remote access program from your computer. If we need to connect to your computer at a later date, the customer authorisation is required again through chat.

Both the chat and remote access program employ end-to-end, 256-bit SSL encryption – the same security levels used and trusted by major banking institutions. At all times during the remote support session you as the customer have control of the mouse and can end the session at anytime. Even though we are connected to your computer, you are in control.

How long does it typically take to solve a problem?

We find that most remote issues can be resolved within 30 to 60 minutes.

Who is doing the work?

When you use online chat (or call us), you are speaking directly to one of our highly trained and industry qualified technicians. There is no customer service middle-man, the person you describe your issue to is the expert that is going to fix your issue.

What qualifications do your technicians have?

All of our remote computer support technicians are both tertiary qualified in IT or Computer Science and have previous experience working in helpdesk/technical support environments. We only use the best possible staff to ensure that the work done on your computers is of the highest quality.

What platforms do you support?

Currently we support Windows based PC’s, Apple Mac’s, iPhones and iPads. More platforms will be supported in the near future. Stay tuned!




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