Infrastructure Used To Provide Pure IP Services

We can provide single or redundant pure IP feeds to large organisations who wish to reduce their costs of providing internet services to their offices or wish to provide a back up link in addition to the link(s) already provided by their current provider.

Services can be provided on either 1Gbps or 100 Mbps fibre bearers and IP capacities can be from 50 Mbps up to 950 Mbps in 50 Mbps increments.

All pure IP services are terminated at Exetel’s closest CBD PoP and the user has the choice of either Static Route or Border Gateway Protocol.

Connecting Pure IP Services

We can provide these services either on fibre installed and maintained by the customer or installed and maintained by Exetel. In either case the user has the choice of running a single fibre connection or a dual fibre connection using two different local loop networks for maximum redundancy.

Installation Time Frames

In most cases it takes around 30 working days from the date an application is received by us to the date that the service will be installed and activated. In the event that new fibre is required to provide the connection then the activation time frame may take up to 4 months.

Once an application is received a planned installation date will be given within 7 days and the actual date will be confirmed within 21 days.

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